Courses & Trainings


After years in the business, we all learned a lot from professionals, friends, books and also situations. 

So it was logical for us to give back what we got, and this is how we started proposing courses.


Bad Eagle Courses


We propose a large kind of courses about different aspects of the Industry, such as the composition process, miking techniques, understanding the "chain", how to build your own home studio, what is a compressor/limiter/EQ/gate and how to use it, understanding tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, and a lot of other subjects depending of the needs of our students.





Waves Certification Program (WCP)



  As the only Waves Certified Training Center in France, 

  we propose several sessions a year concerning the Waves Certification Program (WCP) in several places, such as Paris, Clermont-Ferrand, Nantes, Nice, etc...






Different kinds of modules


The courses modules are divided into two categories:


- standard courses: several students learn about subjects with a mix of theory and practice, in a classroom, in studio or anywhere the course could need to be made.


- one-to-one courses: custom made course with one student at a time, and concerning his precise needs.



Feel free to contact us for any question regarding the courses.